Daphne Home Scents

Friday, September 28, 2012

Me and hubby moved in to our new house last September 22. On my list of what to have is the Daphne Home Scents. There are three scents available -- Mint Jasmine Infusion, Home Made Lemon Tart and Acres of Lavander. The most popular amongst them is the Mint Jasmine Infusion based on what I've read from twitter.

True enough, this scent smells soooo good. I have this in my living room. But I'll be buying later the Home Made Lemon Tart for the Master Bath and the Acres of Lavander for the Master Bedroom.

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2 scribbles

  1. We have one too in our bedroom. We got the lavander scent and it's so relaxing. Congrats on your new home! =)