What Do You Fear?

Sunday, January 03, 2016

This hedgehog is my cousin's pet. Nobody dared touch him all those months we've been having reunion meetings because we fear of getting pricked by his spines. Last night was our final meeting for the grand reunion of our clan and finally the hedgehog was taken out of his house.

The kids played with him. Still I didn't attempt to touch him.

We all have fears. It's normal. What isn't normal is when we let our fears hinder us from what we are supposed to do.

Don't let your fear of what could happen make nothing happen.

I always remind myself of what my former boss told me. He challenged me to do at least one thing every month that scares me. He said I'd be surprised that what I fear is all in the mind.

What do you fear?

If you ask me, I fear failure. 

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9 scribbles

  1. Roselle,

    I think for everyone, nearly, it is the fear of rejection. As for failure, how can most fail when they never got started, which brings back your thought, fear of failure.

  2. I fear failure too! One of the biggest fears is failing to be a good enough mum. but slowly I'm learning that everyday is me and my daughter teaching each other new things! I like the idea of doing something you fear once a month!

  3. I fear death. Well, I think a lot of people do. I feel that I still need to accomplish a lot things and I needed more time to do so. I would love to die because of old age. :)

  4. I fear snakes. But really fear them, I'm having nightmares sometimes that I am being bitten. I even feel the fear when I see a picture of a snake. Should I say I can't even watch videos with snakes? I don't know where this fear comes from as I never had any bad experience with a snake. I don't think that there's a cure for my fear. :)

  5. I think we have the same fear.Sometimes , I feel like I still have that pleasaholic tendency that makes me feel afraid to fail.But gradually I think I'm overcoming it because experience makes you wiser.

  6. I am afraid of the ocean but I still love going to the beach. But I know once I learn how to at least float better than my dog, it will reduce my fear lol.

  7. We all have fears, my greatest fear is the fear of drowning, still working on it to improve my swimming skills.

  8. I'm afraid of heights, but as ridiculous as it sounds it's more affecting my body than my brain. My legs feel like jelly and i feel vertigo, but my brain is like "nothing can happen to you wtf just do something"

  9. True!if we let fear overcome us, what's suppose to happen will never happen. Right now, i'm also battling with some of my fears and i'm glad that little by little, as it may be, i am overcoming some of my fears.
    Some of what's left are my fear of many tiny holes (i forgot the term and too lazy to google,lol) and fear of heights.