Choices: Deliver or Make Excuses

Friday, March 04, 2016

Blogging has exposed me to different kind of people. While I have met sincere people who eventually became my friends, there are those who reveal their true colors as time passes by. I have learned to keep reminding myself that some people were just raised differently.

"To give real service, 
you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, 
and that is sincerity and integrity." Douglas Adams

A lot of people owe me -- in cash and in kind. Some have the decency to acknowledge and others simply ignore. I admire the honesty of the few. Those who tell the truth instead of making up excuses. You'd be surprised by the fanciness beyond belief of the excuses crafted by some. And the lies they weave just to save their asses. Who doesn't hate liars?! I'd rather you tell me why you can't than tell me bullshit. I value honesty. Recent experience with someone who I thought knows how to conduct business in a professional manner turned out to be a one big disappointment. And though I know I'm capable of running after this person to a point where this person will regret treating me this way, I chose the high road. I've got more sensible things to do than waste my time on a sloth.

integrity. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; 
moral uprightness and sincerity.

I'm not the type who uses my facebook status to publicly shame someone. I simply write them off my life. After all, who needs a person who says one thing yet does another that destroys trust? Keeping promises affects your integrity. Lies are exposed. 

Some people wonder why there are still in deep shit. May be it's about time you assess yourself. Real success is not achieve by cutting corners. You've got to work hard. Work fair. 

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13 scribbles

  1. I feel you. There are really people who are not trustworthy. They'll do anything for money.

  2. But sometimes we just can't help but rant, right? I do that on twitter though just to release some steam :)

  3. I'm a bit guilty on social media humiliation (especially these past few weeks). This line made me do the humiliation or maybe I'm just stating some facts.

    "You'd be surprised by the fanciness beyond belief of the excuses crafted by some. And the lies they weave just to save their asses"

    That feeling when someone is constantly defending their mistakes and underestimating the power of evidences. Hehe I guess that's the reason why I did FB status thingy. I honestly wanted to talk to that person to fix things up, but I believe that "someone" is not open for advises.

  4. 100 agree with you! I actually believe that making excuses is generally an awful option, and do your best not to offer him/her as a justification for their actions.

  5. I can relate to this so much.. i always trust people because i naively think (as i start from myself and what would i do) that everyone is deep down a good person. So that's how people screw me over. I do the same as you - just go away and cut them out from my life, because, unlike them, i'm classy.

  6. Nice article. I enjoyed the image you have as your intro. Very eye catching. The tips in the article are a great way to release people from your life who causes disruptions. I always delete people who I feel hurt me in some way.

  7. Many people out there, tend to make excuses for themselves and one major aspect is procrastination. I have been a victim of it myself and as a blogger we have all been through it, but making excuses for it won't solve any of the matter. Anyway, that's a great post and any blogger that faced this issue of procrastination in their career, or is still facing it should take a moments of reflection. great post! :)

  8. Roselle,

    One thing about being a caring person is that a caring person often is the one who feels hurt.

    I still do, as there are people who truly are disappointing, to say the least. As I age, I came to realize that people are people. It's not that i do not trust anyone, but having a fair understanding of the psychology of people and his nature, I have learned to deal with people of all kinds.

    You are right in using your time for more important things.

  9. I think honesty and integrity is rare these says.So, for the few people who have proved true to their word, stick with them.For the others, well, let karma take care of them.

  10. I know the feeling that someone seems good to work with at the start with all these fancy words and profile, but it stops there- words. I admire that you don't want to spend your time shaming other people. I agree, for me that promotes bad vibes. I'd rather work on bettering myself

  11. Over time, I'd learned to choose my friends. I still meet abusive and toxic people along the way but I cut the ties even before the hurt goes further.

  12. A very thoughful article. We all are human and human are understand and to predict. So, we do face this kind of dilemma at times