Karate Kid

Karate Kid is a Japanese-American fastfood restaurant. I have passed by their Robinson's Metro East a couple of times but would always decide to eat somewhere else (read: Tokyo Tokyo). This afternoon, the families decided to meet up for dinner after grocery. We were supposed to eat at Tamagoya (postponed for the nth time) but because it's already very late and I'm afraid we won't make it, my sister suggested Karate Kid.

The prices of the food are way cheaper compared to other Japanese fastfood restaurants. A wide variety of food choices are available. They also offer "rice all you can" and bottomless punch tea.

6 pcs SashiMaki


Ebi Tempura

Beef Gyudon

Chicken Teriyaki

I was really very disappointed with the Chicken Teriyaki. The chicken meat was dry and looked like they got it from Mang Inasal then garnished with some sesame seeds. I find it very salty too. Now imagine a chicken inasal, how on earth am I gonna eat that with chopsticks? Chicken Teriyaki should be boneless.

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