Last January, I visited Bien Louis, a 4-month old baby who was suffering from biliary atresia. It is a congenital disease of the liver wherein his bile duct between the liver and the small intestines is missing.  When the doctor told the baby's mother that a liver transplant is needed in order to save the baby's life, I offered to help them raise funds.

I created a website for Bien Louis Fermin to raise the money needed for the transplantation. With the help of kindhearted people, we were able to raise the money. But on August 23, three days before his scheduled flight to Taiwan, baby Bien died.

Had Bien lived, he will be celebrating his 1st Birthday on September 24. He has touched so many lives in his short stay here on earth. New friendships were formed during his "Climb for a Cause" campaign. His relatives developed closer bond because of the activities for his fundraising. Anonymous kindhearted and generous people reached out.

Bien is now angel. We are saddened by his passing but the people who got involved with his fundraising campaign know that he is in a much better place now. No more sickness. No more pain.
I know that his parents are still grieving and that they miss so much everyday.  And though Bien is not with us anymore, me and his parents have agreed to have a simple party and celebrate Bien's birthday because there is so much to be thankful for even for only 11 months of existence. He will forever be remembered.