Do you know why Pinoy Tiangge is the Philippine's No. 1 online shopping and bidding site? Because, everybody is a winner here. Pinoy Tiangge gives you free bids everytime you log in. You can use these bids to participate in the auction. I was invited by my friend to join Pinoy Tiangge and won my first auction. Aside from bidding, there are fun games in their facebook page where you can join and win. And always check your email for more contests! I won a 500 SM Gift Certificate and 500 bids!

Another great thing about Pinoy Tiangge is the Bids Back feature. Even if you did not win in the bidding, you have the option to buy the item and you will get all the bids you used for FREE.

I joined the auction for this iPod Touch but did not win the item. And because I want this so much, I took advantage of the Bids Back feature. All the bids I used were credited back for FREE. And still got myself this awesome iPod Touch.

To know more about this feature, check out this link:


Sign up now and start experiencing the fun in bidding :D