Here at SM.. we got it all for you.

And for your loved ones.

And friends.

And all those who we want to share the spirit of gift giving.

We've pampered ourselves all year round with retail therapy, feel good purchases, impulse buying and I-worked-so-hard-I-deserve-this stuff. Christmas is the time of year when we excitedly shop for others because we appreciate them and we want them to feel loved. 

The smile on their faces as we hand them our wrapped presents... priceless!

Ahh.. the joy of giving!

And did you know that you can spread the love to the children at the orphanages and different charitable institutions?

SM Cares #SMBearsOfJoy will donate one bear and you get to keep the other bear for only PhP200. It means as you hug your cute bear, another child is happily hugging his/her bear. That's double the happiness.

Let Cheska and Kendra show you how #MerrySMChristmas begins and may this be the happiest Christmas for everybody.

For more details on the exciting activities lined up for you, visit  http://bit.ly/MerrySMChristmas