Stronghand Shooting Range: The Husband's Chronicle

What is there to experience when you go to a shooting range? You get to load live bullets to a gun, aim and pull the gun’s trigger, and then see how (if) you hit the target. My experience in Stronghand Shooting Range was way more than that.

Toxic free means to be absent of the four harmful toxins commonly found in practice shooting:
air-borne lead, barium oxide, sulphur oxide, antimony oxide.

I learned that there was such a thing called Toxic Free range. It was explained to us that air-borne toxins, chemicals, elements, and what-have-you are emitted whenever you fire an ammo. Since Stronghand Shooting Range is an indoor shooting range, air must be properly handled to rid of those toxins and make it healthy for everyone inside their facility. How about that!

I got re-educated about Gun Safety. I have been exposed to firearms before so I know what to do when handed a piece – remove the magazine; clear the chamber; never point it to anyone/anything you do not intend to shoot; and never put your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot. What was new to me was about having to be aware of what lies beyond the target especially during actual situations. That gave me a different perspective. 

It is not just about you and the target. It is about you, the target, and everything else around you. A gun can be a powerful tool for doing something that is good. It is powerful enough that it demands utmost respect, attention, and care.

I learned that Marksmanship is not just a skill but an art as well. It is not just about having a firm grip and sharp eyes. It is also about proper timing, correct stance (I prefer the Weaver Stance), and clarity (of the mind, that is). Well, all those aspects I mentioned are something you might consider as skill. Having them all together and getting the right mix to hit the objective in a consistent manner makes it an art. 

It is not as easy as it looks. Pulling the trigger may take a split second but lining up your target and building up your confidence to pull the trigger may take an eternity (sort of).

with NROI Range Officer Benjamin Aura

So, did I really go to a shooting range? A gun club, perhaps? With everything I realized that day, I felt that I went to school. It was a total learning experience. And it was worth it.

Stronghand Shooting Range is located at La Defense Building, #1660 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave, Quezon City. Be a MEMBER for only P5,000 and enjoy 10% - 80% discount on rates.This includes Stronghand One Gun Club ID as automatic member, Stronghand Shooting Range Membership ID, Gifts, Members’ rates and services Renewal of membership is P2,000.


Range Fee (includes 1 target board, eye and ear protective rental)     500 (Guest)    100  (Member)
Firearm Rental                                                                                  500 (Guest)    300  (Member)


Less 10% for Members


Guest: P1,000 per session
Member: P500 per session (Basic); P800 (Advance)

Stronghand Shooting Range
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