Gusto Mong Yumaman? Tara, Laro Tayo ng Just Roll It.

I won't ask you to have an initial investment and promise you to earn 10x as much.
I won't even require you to recruit people.
All I ask is for you to play Just Roll It.

Just Roll It is the most exciting online board game to hit the Philippines. If you are familiar with Monopoly, this game has a more interesting twist.

Once you've downloaded the game, you need to set up an account and register before you start playing. You will also need this account to join in the cash prizes and raffles. 

Just Roll It can be played as a free for all or team match. The FREE FOR ALL is for an individual game with four players while the TEAM MATCH consists of two teams with two players in each team.

Go around the board and buy as many properties as you can. You can build a hotel, a villa or a landmark on the properties that you own. Opponents who land on your property will have to pay rent. With a smart strategy, you can force your opponents to bankruptcy. 

The character you create have special abilities that are upgradeable. Leveling up and enhancing it will make you more difficult to beat.

How To Play:

FREE to Play. FREE to Win.

For a limited time, playing Just Roll It gives you a chance to win real money.

Starting July 20, daily cash prize of P1,000 is at stake.

You can also qualify to win P5,000 in the weekly raffle event. There will be one (1) winner from Week 1 to Week 6.

For the monthly raffle, there will be one (1) winner of P200,000 cash, two (2) winners of Samsung Galaxy S6 and two (2) winners of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

What are you waiting for? I have started playing. Join me at and let us be rich!