LINK: The Only App You Need To Connect With People


Want to have a Zumba session? How about a tennis meet-up? Or just wanna hang-out for coffee and talk about anything under sun? With over 5,000,000 users and more that 120,000 groups, finding someone to link with is such a breeze. 

LINK was designed from the ground up to bring people together. With a full suite of discovery and networking features that connect you with your local social scene, meeting new people has never been so fun and easy. 

On top of LINK's discovery features, it is also a dedicated and FREE messenger. You can chat with a few friends or in group of up to 500 people. You can almost organize a family reunion with this app!

For more private conversations, you can enable private chat mode with any friend for utmost privacy and discretion.  There's also Nomad, which allows you to visit other locations around the world and chat with other LINKers. 

Download LINK for FREE at