Snapped and Scribbled has gone through countless layout changes over the years because I got so comfortable with blogger plus the fact that I easily gets bored with my blog's design. Some of my blogger friends are using WordPress and there was a time that I attempted to create a blog in this platform. I find it to confusing that I totally abandoned the idea. 

When I applied for a writer position at PSST.ph and got accepted, my jubilation was cut short when I realized the website is using WordPress. I have .05% knowledge in WordPress for crying out loud! But since I am partly motivated by challenging situations, I considered this as the right opportunity to learn how to use WordPress. 

I can now post on my own the articles I write for PSST.ph (as if that's a newsworthy achievement!) but I need to devote hours (or weeks) to learn how to create my first ever WordPress layout that is worth bragging.

If you've got links to articles about WordPress, I really appreciate you sharing it with me.