FREE Burger King GC For EastWest UITF Investors

Investors looking for a good investment option can have their fill of potentially higher returns and whopping rewards in the Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) promo of East West Banking Corporation (EastWest).

From May 15 to August 15, 2016, EastWest is giving away free Burger King gift certificates as a welcome treat to customers who invest in any EastWest UITF product. The minimum placement is only Php10,000. The bank is also rewarding investors who make additional contributions within the promo period. The higher the investment, the more Burger King GCs clients will receive.

UITFs are investment products wherein money from investors are pooled together and invested in various types of securities, with the aim of maximizing returns within reasonable risk levels.

Regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, UITFs are good investment alternatives because for a small investment amount, anyone can access investments that are usually just available to big investors. The regular investors also benefit from the expertise of professional fund managers who take care of the UITFs.

EastWest offers six UITFs to suit different investor needs and risk profiles: EastWest Peso Money Market Fund, EastWest Peso Intermediate Term Bond Fund, EastWest Peso Long Term Bond Fund, EastWest PSEi Tracker Fund, EastWest PhilEquity Feeder Fund, and for investors looking for a US Dollar-denominated fund, EastWest Dollar Intermediate Term Bond Fund. The minimum placement for the peso-denominated funds is Php10,000, except for EastWest Peso Long-Term Fund, which is P50,000. For the EastWest Dollar Intermediate Bond Fund, investors can place a minimum of US$2,000.

The promo is open to all new and existing EastWest customers. Clients can invest as little as Php10,000, or add to their existing UITF investments at any EastWest store nationwide to get free Burger King GCs. Visit or any EastWest branche for more details.