Good news, beep users!

Justpayto Philippines Corp (Justpay.to), an online payments company licensed and regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and AF Payments Inc., the company behind beep™ cards, have formally sealed a partnership to create a simple to use web platform for the reloading of beep™ cards.

In a collaboration meant to help MRT, LRT and other commuters save time, the two companies launched a new innovation that lets commuters reload their tap-and-go beep™ cards online. Instead of waiting in long lines to top up their beep™ cards with cash, beep™ cardholders can load their cards by simply going to https://justpay.to/beep

JUSTPAY.TO/BEEP will allow commuters to load their cards using credit cards, debit cards, bank account, cash, even digital currency. No need to download an app or top up a wallet, simply go to https://justpay.to/beep using any device with internet. Simple. Easy. Convenient.

“We are constantly looking for ways to make reloading convenient for our cardholders. www.justpay.to/beep is a simple and easy to use reloading system that I am positive our cardholders will welcome. We are happy to partner with JustPayTo to bring this service to our 5.5M cardholders. ”- Peter Maher, CEO, AF Payments Inc.

JUSTPAY.TO/BEEP will be live as early as March 2019. For more information on how to use the system, you can visit www.justpay.to/beep/howto