People nowadays prefer not bringing cash when shopping or availing services. There are so many ways for customers to pay these days. There are credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, eChecks, as well as various other methods of online payment. The chances are, if your business doesn’t offer the whole range of payment options, you’re likely to be missing out on sales. So, how do you go about accepting card payments if your business isn’t currently set up to take them? 

Decide What Type of Card Reader You Need

Your first step is to decide what sort of card reader you need. The most basic kinds are the ones that only accept credit and debit cards, but since you can get so much more for the same price these days, or even for free from some merchant service companies, it would almost certainly be worth going for more advanced options. 

Get a Card Reader That Can Do More Than Just Read Cards

If you are someone who keeps an eye on technology, you probably know that there are more ways to pay than just with a card. A growing number of people are now finding payment services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay the most convenient ways to make purchases. These methods of payment use near-field communication to allow customers to pay with smartphones or gadgets, but to accept these, you will need a card reader that can handle these types of payments. Any company that offers merchant services should be able to provide you with this option.

Think About How Your Business May Grow Online

Whatever type of product or service you supply, you will no doubt know that online sales have boomed in recent years. In the USA alone, online sales were worth $156 billion in 2017. If you decide you want a slice of the pie, being able to accept payments over the phone or online will be a vital part of your business strategy. There are quite a few merchant services that offer this option but look for ones that allow you to integrate their software into your website for a really professional look.

Look For a Company That Can Offer All the Solutions

It goes without saying that you need to look for a company that not only offers merchant services for traditional card readers, but also ways to allow you to expand how you can accept other forms of payment. There is little point in finding a company that can do the basics but nothing else. The reason it’s more convenient to opt for a company that can do everything for you is because over time, you’ll be able to stick with that company rather than having to change providers as your business model changes.

To summarize, choosing a company that offers basic card readers is fine if that’s all you want, and all you are ever likely to want. However, if you envisage a future where you will expand your business in anyway, whether by delivering to people’s homes, taking payments from multiple locations, or allowing people to pay online, you will be better served finding a merchant services company that can provide for all your future needs, whatever they may be.