Araneta City introduces Drive & Go curbside pickup


To provide safety and comfort to shoppers, the City of Firsts introduces the Drive & Go curbside pickup service.

This new retail offering allows Araneta City customers to pick up their orders in curbside locations without having to leave their vehicles.

Customers will just have to call any Araneta City store to place an order, discuss their preferred mode of payment, and set a pick-up schedule for the ordered items.

Signages are placed in the following locations to designate the official curbside pickup spots:

- Gateway Mall (fronting Boulangerie 22 at Gen. Roxas Avenue) 
- Ali Mall (fronting Starbucks, Times Square Entrance)
- Shopwise Arcade (fronting Tour Les Jours at Gen. Aguinaldo Avenue)
- Farmers Plaza (fronting BDO at Gen. Roxas Avenue)
- Farmers Market (fronting JAM at Session Road) 

In each curbside pickup spot, customers will only have to wait for a maximum of 10 minutes for store attendees to bring them their orders.

The use of any of these curbside pickup locations is FREE of charge, with each customer having to pay only for the items purchased.

Contact any Araneta City store now, and enjoy a taste of safe and convenient shopping at the City of Firsts!
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