Pampers Promo Shopee

Every mom wants nothing but the best for their babies. Whether you are a first time mom who is still lacking sleep taking care of your new born baby, or a mom with a super active toddler, all we want is for the child to sleep and play in comfort. For every stages in your child's life, there's a Pampers perfect for more sleep and playtime. 

This Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival, Pampers has the best deals for all-day leak protection. 

Pampers Promo Shopee

Pampers Premium Care Taped New Born 70s

The Pampers Premium Care Taped Diaper is the No.1 choice of Japanese maternity hospitals for newborns. These diapers are made with Pampers breakthrough technologies like our 3D Absorbing Cushion to pull away rash-causing wetness and runny poo from baby’s skin, silky-soft materials with micropores for air circulation, and 2x stretchy tapes for a snug, anti-leak fit.

Add to cart here: https://shp.ee/592d32r

Pampers Promo Shopee

Pampers Aircon Diaper Pants Large 30s

Let your baby crawl, roll-over, and enjoy learning how to walk without worrying of leak or rashes with Pampers aircon pants. It's 5 degrees cooler so it's more presko! 

Add to cart here: https://shp.ee/padak8r

Pampers Promo Shopee

Pampers Aircon Diaper Pants XXL 22s

Introducing our NEW Pampers Aircon Pants, available for a limited time only! Help your baby feel aircon-presko in summer heat - Aircon Pants has all-around breathability for baby throughout the day, 10 million breathable microholes, a 3-way fit for Leakage Prevention, and it absorbs up to 4 loads of water.

Add to cart here: https://shp.ee/prxs5d9

On October 1, get a chance to win up to P10,000+ worth of prizes at the Big Brands giveaway sponsored by Pampers. Plus you'll get 20% off when you purchase on the Best Deals for Pampers All Day Leak Protection!

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