Make the switch to the PINAKASULIT baby wipes! Kleenfant Big Holiday Sale happening on Shopee

Whenever we go shopping, we always look for the PINAKASULIT products but we don't want the quality to be compromised. Kleenfant, a Korean brand that aims to provide quality consumable products that are affordable yet the safest it could be for toddlers and babies (and adults too!), is having a Big Holiday Sale on Shopee on December 19. So it's definitely the best time to make the switch!

Babies have sensitive skin and we should make sure that the products we use for them are free from harmful chemicals such as such as Citric acid, Phenoxyethanol and others that might irritate their skin. Kleenfant Baby Wipes are pediatrician and dermatologically approved with FDA Certification. 

The Kleenfant Baby Wipes Unscented is alcohol-free, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, non-chemical, and paraben-free. Kleenfant knows that you want nothing less than what is safe & best for your baby. Kleenfant uses safe ingredients for your little one. It contains Water, Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Allantoin, Grape Seed Extract, DL-Alpha Tocopherol. 

The Kleenfant Baby Scent Scented Baby Wipes has a mild scent but still the safest wipes available in the market.

Another PINAKASULIT deal during the Big Holiday Sale is the Kleenfant Anti-bacterial Laundry Detergent + Kleenfant Extra Care Fabric Softener Set.

The Kleenfant Anti-bacterial Laundry Detergent provides the MOST NATURAL and SAFEST detergent that cares for babies. It prevents rashes and irritation to their most senstive skin and effectively removes milk stains and dirt while providing gentleness on Mommies hands. 

The Kleenfant Extra Care Fabric Softener provides natural fabric softness to let the baby enjoy the fluffy, comfortable feeling. It is specially made with loving NATURAL INGREDIENTS proving it SAFE and GENTLER for the little one's delicate skin.

Trust only the safest wipes in the market for your baby! Visit the Kleenfant Official Shopee Store and make the switch to the PINAKASULIT deals this weekend.

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