Shopaholics Rejoice! Non-Stop Shopping is Coming Your Way This 6.6 Sale When You Win ShopBack’s 66K Challenge

ShopBack 66K Challenge

It’s that time of the month again! ShopBack, the leading cashback and rewards platform, is giving away ₱66,000 as part of this month’s 6.6 Sale.

Treating yourself every once in a while and celebrating the little wins are always a good idea. It’s halfway through the year, and it’s only fitting to reward yourself with items that have been sitting inside your shopping cart for so long.

Get that top you’ve always wanted, book that getaway trip you’ve been planning for months, and buy those beauty products to complete your skincare routine. No matter what’s on your wishlist this 6.6 sale, ShopBack has got you covered with irresistible deals at undeniably low prices. With over 500+ merchants such as Nike, Watsons, Agoda, iHerb, and more - there is always a brand to fit your needs.

With ShopBack, you get cashback every time you shop. Real cash that you can withdraw. You can also now purchase vouchers and get instant cashback from GrabCar, Foodpanda, SHEIN, and many more.

This 6.6, participants will need to channel the common phrase “Sharing is Caring” within themselves as the Refer-A-Friend campaign is an integral part for participants who wants a shot at winning the 66K Challenge. Users will need to encourage as many people as they can using their own ShopBack referral link. Not only will they be rewarded ₱100 cashback for every successful referral with ₱300 purchase on ShopBack, but they will also increase their chances of winning the grand prize of the 66K Challenge.

₱66K Challenge: The Mechanics

Interested participants will need to register an official ShopBack account with their referral link posted in their bio. The entry video must have the ShopBack account tagged and the privacy setting set for public viewing. Users must also invite their friends to #StartwithShopback by encouraging them to sign up using their own respective referral links.

In this challenge, users will have to put their verbal dexterity and tongue twister skills to the test to get a shot at winning the grand prize. Participating users will need to:

● Perform the challenge either on Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter
● Say 66 repeatedly in a span of 6 seconds
● Include the hashtag #ShopBack66KChallenge and encourage followers to refer friends on ShopBack to get rewarded with ₱100 cashback at the end of the video
● Make sure to include screenshots/images/clips of you showing how to refer
● Make sure to have your ShopBack referral link in your bio
● Tag @shopbackph on the post

Participants may submit their entries starting on June 4th until June 15th. The winner of the 66K challenge will be based on the number of people they got to sign up using their referral link (40%), the number of shares (30%), and the creativity of the video (30%).

Download now to find out more:

For more information and news updates about the upcoming ₱66K Challenge, visit the official ShopBack website,, and the following social media pages:

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