Monday, May 07, 2012

Holy Cow! The Return

After our first visit to Holy Cow last April, we know right away we will be coming back soon. And we will be having a hard time again choosing what to eat.

I did not have soup this time. I wanted to try one of their appetizers. How I wish I have enough "space" to try all the appetizers!

Baked scallops with cheese and mushroom on a bed of salt

Tender Off the Bone Baby Back Ribs
Tender pork ribs, seasoned and char – boiled to perfection,
glazed with hickory barbeque sauce. You might fall of your seat!

 Motherload Beef Burger
Tempting, delicious half- pounder beef patty stuffed
with chunks of cheddar cheese, 
bacon and mushroom perfect with lettuce,
tomatoes, onion and dressing. 
The greatest beef burger in the town!
Happy Belly! :D

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