Holy Cow! The Return


After our first visit to Holy Cow last April, we know right away we will be coming back soon. And we will be having a hard time again choosing what to eat.

I did not have soup this time. I wanted to try one of their appetizers. How I wish I have enough "space" to try all the appetizers!

Baked scallops with cheese and mushroom on a bed of salt

Tender Off the Bone Baby Back Ribs
Tender pork ribs, seasoned and char – boiled to perfection,
glazed with hickory barbeque sauce. You might fall of your seat!

 Motherload Beef Burger
Tempting, delicious half- pounder beef patty stuffed
with chunks of cheddar cheese, 
bacon and mushroom perfect with lettuce,
tomatoes, onion and dressing. 
The greatest beef burger in the town!
Happy Belly! :D