Teatime Stories for Women


I love reading books. And I'm glad that most of my friends love reading books... and gifting me with books. One of my favorite books to read when I'm feeling a bit down is Teatime Stories for Women. I don't remember the year it was given to me. But I do remember that this book is from Angela.

I've been feeling so low these past few days. My days were spent lying on the bed. Reading Teatime Stories for Women.

I hate feeling like this. If only I could do something permanent about it. I should have attended my aerodance last night. Might have helped a little.

But I guess I'm a bit okay now. 


Dear Lord,
May I never be so focused on my own pain
that I forget others need me.
For I've discovered that as I reach out
to ease the pain of others,
my own pain is eased as well.