Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

It has been four months since we transferred to our new home. The first few weeks were kinda stressful because of the unpacking and cleaning and decorating. Most of our weekends were spent sourcing for furniture and accents. Some days, you'll hear the sound of the power drill and the buzzing of the vacuum cleaner afterwards.

Now that everything is in order, me and hubby finally were able to enjoy the weekends. Our bedroom feels like a hotel room so we need not check in somewhere to have a "staycation". All I have to do is open the curtains and enjoy the view of the trees from the huge floor to ceiling glass window from the master's bedroom.

The best thing about spending a quiet and relaxing weekend at home is it's OUR home. Everything we need is within reach. There is no checkout time to worry about. We could watch what we want with our dvd collection. We could eat whatever we find appealing in the refrigerator without being charged of the pricey items in a hotel mini bar. There is no room service but there is food delivery. Or we could just sit on the bed, play music from the iPod, surf the internet with the laptop and iPad (and free unlimited wifi). 

Relaxing. And inexpensive.

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