Charm Pocket Brush Set: Sample Room VIP Member Exclusive Gift


Sample Room has finally restocked the VIP Membership and you should purchase right away before it run out of stock again. I purchase 1,000 points for only PhP799 and three days later received my gift. All the VIP Membership exclusive gifts I received really made me so happy.

1,000 points + an exclusive gift = PHP 799
2,000 points + an exclusive gift = PHP 1,299

Sample Room has the best VIP Membership perks ever. For PhP799, I received 1,000 points which I can use to purchase product samples (sample size and full size). Today's surprise is a Charm Pocket Brush Set worth PhP500. It's as if Sample Room has read my mind. I was actually planning on buying a travel brush set.

The very cute Charm Pocket Brush Set gives you five very basic travel brushes, in a very very cute small bag, that promises to let you function and do your basic makeup when you only have a small, small bag. It is also very helpful for emergency makeup situations, and retouches when you have limited bag space. You will never ever be short of makeup brushes ever again, with our Charm Pocket Brush Set!

Featuring five basic brushes that has dual functions :

* Powder Brush - can be used as powder brush, and blush brush
* Big Eyeshadow Brush - can be used as eyeshadow applicator or concealer brush for undereyes
* Angled Eyeliner Brush - can be used to shade and shape the eyebrows and apply eyeliner
* Lip Brush - can be used to apply lipstick or be used to spot conceal blemishes
* Brow Comb - allows you to sweep your brows in one, uniform direction as you need to have neat brows all of the time! It also lets you blend your eyebrow color.