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Gone are the days when the society has a bad impression of people with tattoo. I am fascinated with inked skin but don't have the courage yet to have something permanent on my skin. I need to come up with a great design I want to keep for the rest of my life. I have only managed a henna tattoo last year from an event organized by Giordano.

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Here's the real thing...

I met a tattoo artist a few months ago in Marikina. He is Jeoffry Josef. I know him all my life because he is one of my cool uncles but I never knew he is a tattoo artist until that one fateful day.

Jeoffry's tattoo business started in 2013 but he learned the art of inking in 1998. His initial investment was P10,000 for the starting kit. The kit consists of one rotary machine, six stainless tips, two back stems, two aluminum grips, one digital power supply, one clip cord, a foot switch and a couple of needles. The inks are not included yet. He buy them separately imported from the US.

Jeoffry's artistic hand has brought him to this business. What was once sketched on paper found it's way on the skin. He didn't take formal tattoo lessons but he consults with seasoned tattoo artists about color shading and color mixing techniques.

Most of his clients are male in their 20s. Popular designs among males are skulls, 


and serpents.

Popular with the ladies are flowers, hearts and butterflies.

While most people have themselves inked to defy society and express art, other people use tattoo to cover up scars.

"Live the life you love. Love the life you live."

I think people with tattoos are great.  They don't care what the society thinks. They have the balls to express themselves. I know that there are still people who frown upon the idea of tattoo. But I believe we should not judge a person's character or ability by the appearance of his skin. To each his own. Let's respect that.

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