Alex III in Morato: A First-Timer's Food Review


I attended the media launch of John Calub's SuccessLounge.Biz (read more about it HERE) yesterday and we were treated for lunch at Alex III. It was my first time to eat at Alex III and I really have a high expectation with their best-selling Chicken BBQ. By the way, is it true that this restaurant has the same owner as Aristocrat?

I was served the 2-pc Chicken BBQ. For PhP259, the chicken portion was kinda small. I had the chicken breast and the drumstick. Both not tender and a bit dry. My fellow blogger's drumstick was still  bloody.

The Pinakbet sa Bagnet was the saving grace. I won't think twice spending PhP469 for this dish. The veggies were not overcooked and the bagnet was perfect. Crispy skin and tender meat. This food is worth the cholesterol. Oh well, we walked 500 steps later so I guess we were forgiven for indulging.

Alex III
Tomas Morato Avenue
South Triangle, Quezon City
(02) 371.1414

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