10 Moments Life Sucked Because Mom Is Sick

We all believe that mom is synonymous to superhuman. A superhuman is not supposed to get sick, right? But then reality hits and your mom wakes up one morning feeling under the weather. 

"Mom is sick", says dad. Let's be in charge and let her rest. The question is, can the rest of the family members handle the situation?

Here are 10 moments life sucked because mom is sick. 

1. Burnt toast

You are all so used to waking up to the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee, crispy bacon and toast waiting for you at the table.  Makes you wonder, what time does mom get up to prepare a feast? Now that she's sick, you're lucky the burnt toast is still edible. And you have to be grateful if dad managed to cook a sunny side up.

2. House is a mess

Dad is running late for work and since you have hours to spare, you are tasked to take care of the mess in the kitchen (and other parts of the house). You don't remember seeing the kitchen in disarray in the so many years mom has been preparing breakfast. You just had (burnt) toast and egg how come there's too much clutter.

3. Toddler tantrum

Your baby brother wants mommy. He wants nobody else but mommy. You know he can't get near her or he might get sick too. You try your best to distract him from knocking at your parents' bedroom. But for how long until he remembers again that he wants mommy. Only mommy.

4. You don't know where things are hidden

Whenever you are looking for something, mom knows where exactly to find it. You don't even have to look for it because most of the time, mom will hand it to you. Now that she's sick and needs to rest, you don't even know where the scotch tape is.

5. Laundry

Laundry has been piling up and the family is running out of clothes to wear. The uniforms must be washed and ironed before the week ends. 

6. Grocery Shopping

You usually go to the grocery to grab some chips and personal stuff. The pantry at home needs refill and though mom find the strength to prepare the grocery list, somehow you find yourself overwhelmed while strolling the aisles in the supermarket.

7. Meal Planning

If you can have your way, pizza and pasta all day everyday! But the family needs nourishment. You realize you have a very limited cooking skill. Same with dad.

8. Babysitting

He's the cutest and you love your little brother with all your heart. It's just that you've got a pampering date with your girl friends you are so excited about and it has been planned weeks ago. Inasmuch as you hate to back out the last minute, you know the family needs you.

9. You've got an exam 

It's not really a big issue helping around the house. It just so happen that you've got a major examination coming up and you need all the time in the world to study.

10. You realize that mom is not superhuman

I can still vividly remember when my mom got sick. She's the source of my strength and seeing her helpless was unbelievable. On the brighter side, I was made to realize how superhuman moms could be. They unselfishly give their all and you'll never hear them complain.

I've lost my mom to cancer. Mom is celebrating her birthday this April 9 and writing this article made me miss her the more. I have seen how my dad stepped up during those trying times. We also lost our dad last November. 

I miss the pangungulit that we should take Enervon everyday. My mom's bilin that my medicine cabinet should always have Biogesic when I got married and already have my own home. Me and my sisters are so lucky to have great parents. We will never forget all they have done for us.