Top 10 Shopee Wishlist for Home Makeover

A typical day for me is waking up around 8am. The first thing I do is check my emails then my social media accounts. I'll have my brunch around 10am. I'll be writing two articles if I don't have an event. Before I go to sleep, I'll open the Shopee app on my iPad and browse for stuff I want to add to my wishlist. 

For the first half of 2018, I want to shop with a purpose. I am doing a home makeover for Casa Toledo and I want to achieve a clean, minimalist look. Shopee has almost everything I want. It's so easy to go on an impulse-buying spree. But I have to prioritize my needs first. Here's my top 10 Shopee wishlist for my home makeover.

1. Zeus Simple Life Blue Rack Storage for the home office

I converted the spare blue room into a home office and no matter how I try to keep it clutter free, my stuff keep piling up. I need this storage rack to organize the marketing collaterals, tokens, and giveaways I receive. 

2. Remote Control Holder for the home entertainment

Is it only in my house that the remote controls are scattered all over the place? How many remote controls do you have in your house?  I think every house has a minimum of four remote controls. Wouldn't it be nice to have them neatly stack in one place? 

3. Triple Paper Dispenser for the kitchen

The cling wrap and the aluminum foil boxes are in one of the drawers in the kitchen while you'll find the paper towel either on the kitchen counter or the dining table. I've already found a perfect spot in my kitchen to install this triple paper dispenser. 

4. Rotating Cosmetic Organizer for my "kikay" cabinet

Most of my kikay stuff are inside my closet cabinet but they are not neatly organized. I sometimes leave my lipstick anywhere near where I last used it. Some of my cosmetics are left in the master's bath and I only keep them back in the closet when I notice the clutter. This rotating cosmetic organizer is perfect to train me to be more organized with my makeup and skincare products.

5. Spice Rack for the pantry

I'm planning to cook more instead of relying so much on food deliveries and take outs. The bottles of spices in my pantry are sometimes pushed at the back end and either they end up expiring or I buy a new one because I thought I don't have the spice I need for the dish I am preparing. 

6. Wall Decal for the music room

What I missed the most since we moved in to Casa Toledo is the jam night. Hubby and my nephews play the guitar. I play the keyboard with sisters and niece sing. The wall is currently bare and I would love to put this musical note decal to decorate. And may be we'll start playing music once again.

7. Color Changing Luma LED Candles for the mini altar

I've got a mini altar where I have the Holy Family, a heirloom passed down to me when I got married. I also have San Antonio de Padua and Saint Pio of Pietrelcina. The altar is adorned with flowers and scented with potpourri but I have no candles because of safety reason. The Luma LED candles is safe and can provide different color moods with just a click of the button.

8. Sensor Liquid Soap Dispenser for the bathrooms

There are three bathrooms at Casa Toledo and I think it would be more economical for me if I just buy refill packs of liquid soap. It will also lessen my contribution of plastic bottle waste to the environment. These sensor liquid soap dispensers are also elegant looking.

9. Decorative Metal Iron Hanging Flower Pot for the garden

My first project of the year is the garden. I don't have much garden space and the best thing to do is to have a vertical garden. I've been contemplating whether I will have ornamental plants or have a herb garden. These colorful decorative metal iron pots will definitely make my garden look dainty.

10. Mail box for the front door

I still have bills that are not enrolled to electronic statements and the community guard brings the mail to the house. I am usually not at home or sleeping. I've been wanting to place a mail box but I can't find one that makes me say "This is perfect!" until I saw these on Shopee. My problem right now is whether I like the beige or the blue. 

Are you ready to shop online?

To be honest, my list is a mile long. Wait until you see my list of Summer must-haves! If you haven't tried online shopping yet, I invite you to check out your browser. You can also download the app on GooglePlay or AppStore.