Healthy Drink Choices for Summer

It's only mid-February but I can already feel the summer heat. Water is the best choice for most of us to stay hydrated.  Milk teas are very popular these days but even if you opt for the 25% sugar level, taking into consideration all the added ingredients, you are probably drinking 400 calories per cup!

Healthy drink choices

While nothing bears drinking water, I find myself drinking less because I want some flavor. I started having lemon-infused water in the fridge just to minimize my soda intake. I also used to drink a lot of powdered juice and powdered iced tea but when I learned about the amount of sugar they contain, I shun away from these drinks too.

Last week, I received samples of Sappe For One Day Juice drink. It's a 100% vegetable and fruit juice that aims to make juicing more convenient for Filipinos. 

Sunny Bright is a mix of carrot, pineapple, and orange juice. It has 5,000 mg of fiber and contains high amount of vitamin C and vitamin B complex which helps nourish the brain system and good for the skin.

Green Booster is a combination of white grape juice, pineapple juice, vitamin premix and chlorophyll which helps aid in balancing the body function. 

Sappe For One Day juice drink have no added sugar, no artificial flavors, and no preservatives.

I'm into orange colored drinks so Sunny Bright is an instant favorite. Have you tried any of these variants? You can buy them at 7-11, Mercury Drug, and selected SM Supermarkets and Robinson Supermarkets.

Learn more about Sappe For One Day juice drink at