LG Commercial Refrigerators: Your Reliable Negosyo Partner

For businesses, reliability is one of the most important things to consider. You need to have confidence that everything runs smoothly lest simple issues become bigger problems in the future. Especially for food and retail, you have to take the necessary steps and put processes in place that will ensure a smooth operation. When you cut corners, you lose money in the long run. What most budding entrepreneurs don’t realize is that the use of commercial refrigerators are one of the facets of business you have control over. No matter how big or small your operation, keeping your product at the appropriate temperature prevents waste, protects taste, and guarantees quality.

LG’s new line of commercial refrigerators have the starting businessman in mind. The 8.0 cubic feet (cu.ft.). top freezer GR-N222SQCN and the 7.0 cu.ft. single door GR-C331SLZB are small commercial refrigerators that give you the best value for money. Its manageable size is perfect for karinderias, sari-sari stores, and other similar SMEs. It’s close to the same size of regular household refrigerators, but has the power needed for commercial use. It’s fitted-out with LG’s tried-and-tested inverter compressor technology, reducing electricity consumption by a wide margin. Both models come with LG’s Negosyo Warranty, giving you peace of mind over your investment.

LG’s GR-C331SLZB 7CF Single Door

What benefits does having a commercial refrigerator have over a Residential one? When you use a regular fridge for commercial purposes, it becomes inefficient. You lose money with energy consumption and chances of food spoilage gets higher. Residential refrigerators are designed specifically with the use and consumption of an average family in mind. Commercial ones, on the other hand, are built with a vastly bigger capacity, more shelves, and a constant temperature throughout. This means that even if you fill the refrigerator to capacity, it won’t have any problems keeping cool or drawing too much power.


LG’s GR-N222SQCN 8CF Top Freezer is powered by the combination of two of LG’s innovations in refrigerator technology: Linear Cooling™ and Door Cooling+™. With Linear Cooling™, the temperature is always steady and even, guaranteeing food remains fresh. Door Cooling+™ on the other hand directs air in the door area to the front of the fridge and the door basket area with the use of air vents. This cools items stored in the door area 35% faster than other fridges without this technology.

One of the biggest benefits of the GR-N222SQCN is the absence of the need to manually defrost. Intensive circulation of cool air eliminates moisture from both the freezer and refrigerator compartment, preventing the accumulation of frost on the food and ice on interior walls while also keeping power consumption low. Another feature is the presence of the Moist Balancer Crisper, which has a lattice structure that retains evaporated moisture from vegetables, allowing them to stay fresher for longer.

LG’s GR-C331SLZB 7CF Single Door is a refrigerator that adapts to your needs. It has a large capacity and a big vegetable box, giving you all the space you need. This model uses high density insulation technology which creates more usable storage space even with the same exterior as previous iterations. The vegetable box’s capacity is 15.9L, 33% more than conventional fridge boxes at 12L. It also has the Moist Balancer Crisper, which maintains the optimum moisture level in the vegetable drawers, thereby keeping vegetables fresh and lengthening its shelf life. 

For ease of use, the LG GR-C331SLZB is semi-auto defrost. All you need to do is to press a button and the defrosting process begins. After 2 hours, you’ll faced with a pristine fridge ready for cleaning. Design wise, this model has convenience and luxury in mind. It sports a gorgeous curved platinum finish, and an ergonomic pocket handle.

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