Allianz PNB Life Partners with eSakay in Promoting Environmentally-Sustainable Way to Commute


Allianz PNB Life, the world’s most sustainable insurer for three years running, recently partnered with eSakay to launch seven Electric-jeepneys (or E-jeepneys) that currently ply the Makati and Mandaluyong routes. 

“Allianz has always been supportive of environmental sustainability. Through these Ejeepneys, we are offering Filipinos cleaner and greener alternatives to get to their destinations within two major business areas in Metro Manila,” said Allianz PNB Life President and Chief Executive Officer Alexander Grenz. 

eSakay is the electric vehicle unit of Manila Electric Co. (Meralco), and they introduced Ejeepneys back in 2010, according to its operations head, Yuri Sarmiento. 

“At that time, we started the Green Route here in Makati, covering Legaspi and Salcedo Village. We initially had three vehicles that provided free rides. Now, we are glad that with the help of companies such as Allianz PNB Life, we are able to sustain our efforts in transitioning to green alternatives of mass transportation,” Sarmiento said. 

He added that the initial objective for the deployment was to present an alternative technology to run vehicles that can help address the problem of air pollution. 

“In the Philippines, we have 5,000 deaths every year due to environmental diseases, and 70% of our CO2 emission comes from mobile vehicles. If we cut down the emissions, we can also cut down the pollution problem in the country, especially here in the city,” Sarmiento added. 

More Sustainable Way of Doing Things 

Grenz said that the E-jeepney is just one of Allianz PNB Life’s corporate social responsibility activities that is focused on the environment. 

“As a global company, Allianz has always been mindful about its impact on the communities it serves, especially today with the threat of climate change. We are glad to have found a partner in eSakay to promote our message of environmental sustainability, and we are looking forward to launching more projects that will lead to a healthier planet,” Grenz concluded. 

The Allianz Group achieved the top position among all rated insurance companies in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the third time in a row since 2017. The DJSI is one of the world’s most recognized sustainability ratings. In its assessment, it considers a wide range of economic, environmental and social topics, such as human resources programs, executive compensation, tax policies, shareholder rights, compliance and anticorruption programs, environmental management and performance, corporate social engagement, customer satisfaction, among others. 

Comfort and Tech Features 

Apart from being environmentally friendly, the E-jeepneys also offer a more comfortable way to travel. 

Each vehicle can seat 23 people and accommodate 8 to 10 people standing. Each vehicle is equipped with a dash cam, GPS tracking system, and CCTV cameras to ensure passengers’ safety. 

It also comes with multiple fans and offers its passengers internet access. The vehicles also come with USB ports, so there is no need to worry about phone batteries running low for passengers onboard. 

“We are also developing software that would allow passengers to download an app so that they can monitor the vehicles,” Sarmiento said. 

eSakay will soon be launching an electronic payment system as well. Currently, passengers pay their fares in cash. The minimum fare is PhP9, the same as that of regular jeepneys. 

Apart from the Makati and Mandaluyong routes, there are plans to bring the E-jeepneys to Pampanga next year.