Allianz Provides Financial, Mental Health Assistance to Its Employees

Allianz PNB Life has taken measures to ensure the health and overall well-being of its em-ployees during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) period.

Allianz PNB Life Chief Marketing Officer Gae Martinez shared that these include the re-lease of their full month salaries for March and April, financial assistance for its intermediar-ies and full-time contractual workers, work-from-home arrangements, and mental health benefits.

“Even before the Insurance Commission (IC) issued guidelines for companies during the ECQ, Allianz already developed an immediate Human Resource guideline for assessment and action steps for specific scenarios to ensure the physical, mental, and financial well-being of our employees and intermediaries,” Martinez said.

Among them is the development of an enhanced framework in identifying persons under monitoring (PUMs), persons under investigation (PUIs), and COVID-19 positive patients to promote and strengthen the safety of its employees and office environment. As of current time, no Allianz PNB Life employee has contracted the virus.

In addition, Allianz’ employee assistance includes a mental health card, which it first issued as early as May 2019.

“We constantly remind our employees from all over the country to use their health card to avail of the tele-counseling services of our partner clinic, Child-fam Possibilities Psychoso-cial Services (CPPS), should they experience anxiety and other mental health problems during these challenging times,” Martinez shared. With stress levels rising due to the situa-tion brought about by Covid-19, this benefit is added assistance to Allianz PNB Life em-ployees.

Allianz also has an in-house registered guidance counselor who oversees the engagement and wellness initiatives of the company’s executives, employees, and consultants/vendors.

“We offer guidance to our employees on how to work at the right pace while working from home and how they can practice self care during the pandemic,” she further related.

Through its Crisis Management Committee, Allianz also came out with reminders and bulle-tins for its employees and intermediaries. It also activated its work-from-home arrangement through the provision of facilities during the ECQ and released Maxicare memos and guide-lines.

For those working from home, Allianz has an employee check-in that helps assess their current situation. This also serves as the basis of the company’s next steps for employees who have been experiencing anxiety and fatigue. It would also help in strengthening the company’s employee communications and engagement throughout the ECQ.

Allianz also offers several online learning programs for its employees that are geared to-ward resiliency and well-being. With many confined to their places of residence, the online learning tools also provide an added way to learn and understand new skills for further self-improvement.