Araneta City brings Farmers Market, Farmers Garden on digital platform via Viber

freshest seafood

When it comes to sourcing out for the freshest seafood and produce, the Farmers Market comes to mind. And if you are into gardening, Farmers Garden has a wide variety of affordable plants to choose from. Araneta City brings your favorite Farmers Market and Farmers Garden stalls on a digital platform to give you remote access in choosing and buying the freshest plants and produce in the metro.

The City of Firsts has created the “Farmers Market & Garden PH” group on the Viber mobile app to provide an additional avenue for stall owners and customers to interact with one another online. Now, your normal garden or market visit may be done electronically!

In this Viber group, vendors are given the chance to post their products, contact details, and stall location to allow potential buyers to contact them directly for order placement and inquiries. Customers may also post their market or garden needs, or other inquiries. Payment terms, delivery, and pick up agreements are left to the discretion of the buyers and sellers for added convenience.

Everyone is free to be part of the Viber group. Just go to or search for Farmers Market & Garden PH on Viber.

Join the Farmers Market and Farmers Garden Viber group now, and enjoy shopping for the freshest produce and a lot more!