BOI keeps workers moving with the approval for new Teraspan motorcycle project


Teraspan motorcycle

The Philippine Board of Investment (BOI) has reaffirmed its commitment to keep goods and people flowing smoothly despite the pandemic, with the approval of the project that involves the production of new ‘Weigen’ motorcycle.

The three-wheeled vehicle, to be produced by Teraspan Inc, is perfectly designed to provide easy and affordable mobility to individuals at a time of social distancing and limited public transportation.

The decision comes amidst a broader campaign by BOI to help businesses keep their workers and goods moving unhindered through quarantined communities.

A number of measures have been brought into this effect. Non-essential travel for Filipinos is already allowed in areas without quarantine. Where an area is quarantined, passage will be permitted to workers conducting work activities inside the area, such as transporting goods.

Minimal checks will be placed on vehicles crossing into quarantined areas, with private vehicles only required to show company ID when moving across checkpoints. Passage will also be permitted to those workers in informal sectors who are engaged in essential activities, provided they display either ID or proof of transaction – such as receipt from a supplier.

Philippine law also clearly states that businesses should be able to transport their goods freely, even if the cargo is crossing an area with a community quarantine in place.

Any business experiencing problems transporting their workers or goods across quarantined communities can book an appointment with a dedicated BOI specialist who will help them resolve their issue.

All of this will mean that motorcycle, car and shuttle buses alike will be allowed to pass across even quarantined communities with minimal friction or delay.

Ceferino Rodolfo, Trade Undersecretary and BOI Managing Head, said: “Continued movement of goods and workers is an absolutely essential part of our economic recovery plan. We are determined to do everything we can to help businesses of all kinds resolve any issues they have with their supply chain or workforce”.

Of the decision to approve the Teraspan ‘Weigen’ motorcycle, Undersecretary Rodolfo said: “This project is considered very relevant during the pandemic. As soon as it starts operating and selling its initial units of ‘Weigen’ - 3-wheeler engine-power units and 3-wheeler electric vehicles -- it will provide solo personnel mobility options at a time when social and physical distancing is of utmost importance.

Even under GCQ, the need for mobility is undiminished and as such, we welcome affordable and reliable means of transportation and delivery like these.”

The motorcycle market in the Philippines is the fifth largest in the world. Sales of motorcycles grew by 8% before the pandemic, prior to the pandemic requiring government to impose lockdowns on production and distribution centers. However, a strong recovery in the market is expected for the rest of 2020.