Shop for essential wear from SM Kids and SM Babies with SM Call-to-Deliver

SM Call-to-Deliver

The little ones have probably outgrown their clothes by now and you wonder how to update their wardrobe without leaving the house. Well, moms can now safely shop at the convenience of their home  with the SM Store’s Call to Deliver service.

Using your mobile phone, you can shop for essential wear from SM Kids and SM Babies and a personal shopper is happy to assist you.

There are everyday tees with cute graphic prints from SM Kids for playtime and online socialization while greeting grandma and grandpa. Our comfy pajamas are so adorable you will love to wear it all-day-long.

From SM Babies there are delightful onesies, froguits, and bodysuits with unicorn, lion, and dog prints that are so cute and comfortable so playtime will be fun time.

How to Order?

1. Call #143SM (#14376)
2. Send in your contact details and orders to our branch representative
3. Wait for order confirmation, payment, and delivery details from a branch representative
4. Learn more from

Shop for your SM Kids & SM Babies essentials by visiting The SM Store or availing of its Call to Deliver Service.