OXGN fashion gift guide for every personality


Gift-giving is one way of expressing our appreciation to the people in our lives.  We spend hours carefully and thoughtfully choosing the presents because we want each gift to perfectly suit the personality of the recipient.

Here's a fashion gift guide for every personality from OXGN.


OXGN Fashion

OXGN Men's Premium Threads Easy Fit Tee with Neck Rib

As premium as it gets, this is a specially engineered OXGN (on repeat) neck rib and finely brushed cotton fabric that is comfy and a must-have for a guy who's into an active lifestyle. It comes in black, blush, white, and mustard. 

OXGN Fashion

OXGN Ladies' Premium Threads Boxy Fit Tee with Embroidery

She's always wearing sneakers and she loves a tee that allows her to move freely. This mustard Boxy Fit Tee with embroidery is made of heavy jersey that is 60% cotton and 40% polyester. 


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OXGN Fashion

OXGN Men's One Piece Easy Fit Tee with Straw Hat Crew Special Print

Is your friend a big fan of the One Piece Japanese manga series? Give him the Straw Hat Crew special print white shirt. 

OXGN Fashion

OXGN Ladies' One Piece Boxy Fit Tee with Nico Robin Graphic Print

She's the Nico Robin in your own gang of the Straw Hat Pirates and will definitely love to receive this One Piece boxy fit tee with the Nico Robin graphic print. 

OXGN Fashion

OXGN Men's Naruto Shippuden Naruto and Sasuke Tee

We always have this one friend who can't choose between Naruto and Sasuke.  Well, worry not because your friend can have both of them printed on this orange tee.

OXGN Fashion

OXGN Ladies' Naruto Shippuden Naruto Tee

Unlike your guy friend, this lady friend only wants Naruto Uzumaki.  Well, there's no denying we all love Naruto! Surprise her with this mustard graphic tee for Christmas.


OXGN Fashion

OXGN Men's Pure Optimist No Bad Days Easy Fit Tee with Velcro Patch

He's fun and carefree. And doesn't seem to have a bad day. Let him wear it on his chest, or peel off the velcro patch to reveal an awesome smiley with this OXGN Men's Pure Optimist mustard-colored tee available at 30% off!

OXGN Fashion

OXGN Ladies' Pure Optimist Choose Happy Regular Fit Tee With Print

She brings sunshine to a gloomy day. Her positivity is very infectious. She'll flash her sweetest smile when you give her the Choose Happy tee.  And you'll be happy too because you can purchase this at 30% off.

OXGN Fashion

OXGN Pure Optimist More Espresso, Less Depresso Mug

Start the day optimism and a cup of coffee. The More Espresso, Less Depresso Mug will be cherished by your coffee lover friends.


OXGN Fashion

OXGN Men's Premium Threads Slim Track Pants with Contrast Taping

If he loves to lounge lazily,  this track pants made of French terry fabic is so cozy and moisture-wicking to help him stay cool even if he's on the couch comfortably watching Netflix all day. Available in classic black, it also has an OXGN rubber patch and side taping detail for a premium look. A great deal at 30% off.

OXGN Fashion

OXGN Ladies' Premium Threads Wide Leg Track Pants

Girls sometimes wants to just chill sometimes but always exert an effort to be in style.  This Premium Threads wide leg track pants offers an easy pull-on design with an adjustable drawstring waist and a relaxed fit. It comes in cream and at 30% off.


OXGN Fashion

For your friends fancy an always feeling cold fashion statement, here's the best deal ever! 75% off on the flesh-colored OXGN Ladies' Fleece Pullover that is extra comfy and fashionable to wear and the off-white OXGN Men's Premium Threads Pullover with Special Print with a fancy OXGN cut and sew panels on the side.


They are a couple and inseparable. And they love to sport a twinning outfit. Here are OXGN COED Collection at 50% off.

OXGN Fashion

OXGN COED Work Suit With Embroidery (Black)

This Zip up COED work suit with embroidered logo & special COED woven label has a garterized waistband  and comes with multiple pocket.

OXGN Fashion

OXGN COED Tee With Special Print (Black)

Show off that casual style that has a Staple COED tee logo made with all-cotton with special print.

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