Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro: A content creator's review


When I started blogging, I only relied on a 5 MP smartphone camera in shooting photos and videos.  Having a 20 MP main camera a few years later was a major upgrade for me and the quality of output was evident. It was also during that period that I got more interested in mobile photography. While some people insist that skill is more important than the gadget, I beg to differ. As a content creator, you must be equipped with a tool that can help you hone your skills. 

I attended the FB live launch of the  Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro and the Mi 10T last October. When I learned about the massive 108 MP ultra-high resolution rear camera of the flagship Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro, I just can't wait to try it.  It also has an ultra-wide angle 13 MP camera and a 5 MP macro camera. 

In terms of design, I'm a bit concerned with the protruding camera. It doesn't lay flat when I place it on the table. Although it is made of Gorilla Glass 5 which makes this phone scratch-proof, I'm still uncomfortable with the bump at the rear. 

When I first held the Mi 10T Pro, I find it to be a slippery phone. It fits my hand perfectly but I worry it might slip off my grip (which never happened!). Also, the OC me finds the back glass prone to fingerprints which I'm glad can be solved by the anti-bacterial case included in the box. 

The Camera

I utilize the selfie camera when I have no one to take my pictures.  The 20 MP selfie camera allows me to take good quality photos that I can use for my blog and instagram. 

I also love taking photos at a close distance. The macro camera makes me capture more details of the subject.

The images captured using the rear camera are almost excellent. It vibrant, crisp, and clear.  I'm not impressed though when taking photos on lowlight. The noise is very noticeable. Adjusting the Pro settings or using the Night mode didn't seem to improve the quality of the shot.

The video has a vlog feature that got me interested in creating video content soon. I actually tried a few but my lack of skill (which thankfully can be improved) produced unimpressive videos.  

Battery life

I am very active on social media and the battery life is not bad at all. I only need to charge the phone once a day but I noticed it takes more than an hour to fully charge the 5,000 mAh battery.  The Mi 10T Pro also does not support wireless charging.

Is it worth buying?

I find the  Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro affordable for a flagship phone that is 5G-ready.  For content creators like me, it is a good investment if you want a handy tool to power your creativity. While dslr cameras (I own a Sony Alpha 6000) capture stunning images with cutting-edge speed and almost perfect quality, the Mi 10T Pro is very impressive. Also, it allows you to create, upload and share right away.

Purchase this at Xiaomi Official Store: https://shopee.prf.hn/l/7DBenGa

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