Converge promotes a safer digital experience for children


Converge Information and Communications Technology Solutions Inc., the country’s fastest-growing high-speed fixed broadband provider, joins forces with millions around the globe to raise awareness for better and safer internet usage. With lockdown restrictions forcing the young and old alike to study and work remotely, extra precautionary measures must be extended to the online community. 

A study released by the Washington-based International Justice Mission reveals that the Philippines is the global hotspot for online child sexual exploitation, worsened by lockdown restrictions. Increased risk of harm through the spread of false information or malicious content that is especially dangerous for children puts Converge in the position to protect the younger generation by promoting the responsible, respectful, critical, and creative use of digital technologies. 

“People stuck at home during the pandemic continue to seek human connection through the online community. In light of Safer Internet Day, we would like to remind parents and guardians of children to take proactive steps in using the internet responsibly,” said Converge Founder and CEO Dennis Anthony H. Uy. “Converge will continue to implement safety and security measures such that explicit and malicious content will not continue to propagate online.”

Converge understands the urgency in creating a safe online environment for the younger generation such that the company has installed the required available technology, program, and software that is compliant with the National Telecommunications Commission guidelines. Providing a sense of security for its subscribers has pushed Converge to also provide quick access to online support while raising awareness through online channels with regard to safety measures that must be set in place by adults for their children. 

The firewall system installed by Converge is able to examine the data that flows into the network then verifies if it is safe to pass through to the business. This technology prevents unauthorized access to or from a private network, preventing the circulation of explicit or malicious content. In addition, Converge has a Secure Domain Name Solution that blocks at the domain level those websites carrying child pornography material. The tools used by Converge for Firewall and DNS Solution are from the most reputed companies in the industry.

Converge’s online channels provide positive content that includes needed information in informing the public to remain vigilant against false information or malicious content. Young internet users are given access to high-quality online experiences if they are more exposed to positive online content such as materials that enable individuals to learn and develop their analytical and creative skills. These experiences not only assist and empower them to become active and participatory citizens but also allows for the strengthening and broadening of awareness with regard to safety through positive content. Quick access to online support is offered by Converge to all its subscribers so they may all stay connected in a secured manner. Any report of inappropriate or illegal content and behavior online is taken seriously and immediately acted upon. 

“In delivering our promise to elevate the Filipino’s internet experience, security is our top priority as we seek to empower individuals to explore the digital experience with minimum risk,” said Converge Founder and CEO Dennis Anthony H. Uy. “Converge continues to invest in the right technology to ensure a better online environment for people of all age groups, but most especially for the younger generation. We believe that we are in the position to create an environment that encourages secured online services through self-regulation of content and services so that Filipinos may achieve success.”

Converge works closely with the National Telecommunications Commission in the fight to make the online environment a more secure place for all and encourages everyone to support the Department of Information and Communications Technology and the Department of Social Welfare and Development with their Child Online Safeguarding Policy.

To report any case of online sexual exploitation of children by calling 1343 for Metro Manila and 02-1343 for outside Metro Manila. You can also report cases online at To report child pornography sites, you may text DSWD <space> blockchildporn <space> URL address and send to 2327. You may also text blockchildporn <space> URL and send to 0918 912 2813. 

Through transparency and cooperation, Converge believes that the internet can be an even safer place where everyone can be empowered to voice out and seek positive change. For more information, visit the Converge website at