LG offers the freshest sounds with LG Tone Free


LG Philippines recently teamed up with ecommerce giant Shopee to provide Filipinos with a convenient, hassle-free shopping experience at their fingertips. The South Korean technology innovator offered its most popular products on the shopping platform which was met with wide acclaim. Building on the success of its grand launch, LG will unveil more new products with promotional prices to delight patrons. 

In a livestream event set to take place, LG, together with charismatic content creator Eric ‘Eruption’ Tai, will launch its awaited TONE Free wireless earbuds. The FN7 and FN4 are LG’s entry into the competitive arena of wireless earbuds.

The FN7’s charging case is equipped with LG’s groundbreaking UVnano technology which can eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria in just 10 minutes. This feature is perfect given the importance of cleanliness and personal safety nowadays. The FN4 on the other hand, is perfect for day-to-day and on-the-go use. It features built-in, high-performance dual microphones for maximal call clarity. It has Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction, which detects and minimizes unwanted noise. And the lower microphone positioned at the end of the stem picks up and amplifies your voice even in a crowded space. 

Both TONE Free models are powered by Meridian, one of the global pioneers of high definition audio. With Meridian, you get sharp, crisp sound whatever you’re listening to. No matter where you are, TONE Free lets you become completely immersed in whatever you listen to and forget you are wearing earbuds. The Meridian's Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP) not only recreates a realistic soundstage that simulates the experience of listening to real loudspeakers, but it also delivers vocals with pristine clarity.

The two models are also IPX4-rated, meaning they are resistant to water splashes from any direction, so you can keep listening rain or shine. Battery life is also top-notch. For the FN7, enjoy a total of 21 hours of battery life. Up to 7 hours of playback in the earbuds turned on and an extra 14 hours in the cradle — all from one charge. ​ The FN4 gives you a total of 18 hours - 6 hours of playback in the earbuds and an extra 12 hours in the cradle. 

The TONE Free earbuds can also be controlled by LG’s TONE Free App. With the app, you can easily locate your missing earbuds that will beep sound when you press play in the Find My Earbuds page. It also has automatic ear detection that senses when they’re inside your ears already and it will automatically pair with your phone. The App also lets you personalize the sound to suit your taste. You can add new levels of enjoyment to your music with four Meridian EQ presets and two customizable EQ modes. Boost or diminish specific frequencies to personalize all music just how you like it.

The TONE Free wireless earbuds are already available for preorder on Shopee. For the promotional period, you will get P2,000 off on the FN7 while you get P1,100 off on FN4. The white TONE Free FN7 is priced at P7,990, while the black TONE Free FN4 is priced at P5,490.

Catch the LG TONE Free earbuds in action on LG’s Official Flagship store in Shopee and LG’s official Facebook, on March 19, Friday, at 12noon.