Merging flexibility and productivity to empower physically-distanced teams

Working in a pandemic is still a persistent challenge among Filipinos given that some organizations are still adjusting and adapting to integrating digital solutions in their operations. 

In today’s business landscape, a flexible, intuitive, and accessible platform is needed for remote workers to achieve effective collaboration and productivity. To help address the demand and issue on productivity, unveils its flexible platform that enables local businesses, whether small or large scale, to build and create custom dashboards, allowing teams to work together and oversee various operations, from project management, HR, CRM & Sales, and IT, all in one workspace. 

" was founded on the belief that transparency and collaboration create a culture of ownership and empowerment," shared Eli Moyrel, Director of Channel Partnership, Asia, "Our products are visual, easy and intuitive that you can customize according to your needs. With, you can easily communicate with everyone whether you are working from home, on the road, or in the office," he added. 

i4 Asia Incorporated, a digital solutions agency and is the official partner of in the Philippines, presented a virtual live demonstration to showcase how the platform can be set up in minutes and transform into a collaborative workspace that fits into the needs of any organization of various industries. 

Local businesses who are current users of the platform also shared their first-hand experience on how empowered their teams and how it made flexibility and productivity possible despite team members working anywhere remotely. 

“With work from home parameters, collaboration is the key to navigating the pandemic. Through, we believe that teams can efficiently work together from various locations or wherever the team member is comfortable,” said Selwyn Uy, CEO and co-founder, i4 Asia Incorporated. “ is beyond being a project management tool. It has over 200+ solutions that can help businesses of any kind and size to work the way that works for them and it,” he added.

Some of’s main features include the following: 

● Flexible - there are over 200+ ready-made templates to customize the platform for any workflow build custom work applications for any workflow 

● Intuitive - all projects and tasks can be viewed with a single glance; has multiple dashboards for ease of use and updates 

● Collaborative - easy communication as files are centralized in one place 

● Seamless - any existing work tools can be easily integrated into the platform was founded in 2012 by Roy Mann and Eran Zinman and is trusted by over 100,000 international brands worldwide. is a recognized unicorn and has earned the 2020 Webby Award for Productivity.