Toys below 100 Pesos your kids will enjoy playing indoors



Summer is a great time for kids to enjoy the outdoors but we still need to take extra care because the pandemic is not yet over. It has been a year since the lockdown and the kids are definitely getting restless. I looked around some toys and games you can buy online that won't hurt your pocket. 

Best toys for indoor play worth 100 Pesos below

3D Puzzle Dollhouse

These cute dollhouses will keep your little girls busy building her doll's new home. It is also a perfect bonding activity because even adults will enjoy this 3D puzzle. With a variety of designs available, you can build even build village. 

ADD TO CART for only 45 Pesos

Monster Truck Friction Power 

This monster truck does not require any batteries to run so your kid can enjoy playing all day. It has a friction motor to propel the wheels. Available in four colors: red, violet, orange, and green.

ADD TO CART for only 50 Pesos

Transformer Robot Car

Can't make up his mind whether he wants a robot or a car? Well, give him both! These transformer robot cars will make his imagination soar.

ADD TO CART for only 95 Pesos

Educational Wooden Puzzle

This early education wooden puzzle is ideal for toddlers 1 to 4 years old.  The bright colors and cute designs make learning more fun.

ADD TO CART for only 20 Pesos

Being inside the house doesn't mean the kids cannot have fun and learn at the same time. These toys can stimulate your child's mind and will keep them safe while enjoying.