Empowered by #Salontastic Hair to Break Free from Stereotypes

In a world where ideas of being a woman are often defined by stereotypes and media messages, it’s quite common to be subjected to gender stereotypes that have little to do with your abilities or appearance. While these harmful preconceptions have been ingrained in society, social media has connected millions of women who continuously inspire each other to defy gender stereotypes. 

Personal testaments from stories of how women choose to live their lives regardless of stereotypes, serve as daily inspiration for the young generation and for women that have yet to realize who they want to be. Filipinas are no exception to the powerful transformations that empowerment and confidence can give. 

Here are four empowering stories from Filipinas who have not let gender labels limit them. Discover how they built up their confidence through a common denominator. 

Inspired by her dad, a scuba diver, Gabbi Garcia has dreamt of seeing marine life up close as a kid and has since grown a love for the sea. “Despite hearing doubts from other people, I kept going to reach my dream. As young as 10 years old, I got my license as a junior open water diver. And just 2 years ago, I’m finally a certified advanced open water diver!” Gabbi encouraged others to go after their own dreams and shared that having confidence is important in achieving such. “Having great hair is one of the factors that help boost my confidence as a woman and it makes me feel that I can conquer anything… I can really say that being #Salontastic has helped me boost my confidence as a woman.”

Great hair makes empowered and confident women! Having the best version of my hair everyday makes me feel that I can conquer anything.” Kylie Verzosa shared as she looked back on her memories of filming her upcoming movie. “Some scenes required big movements, but I never backed down and stayed extra confident in my scenes because I know I stay #Salontastic throughout the day! To all the girls dreaming of the same, let this be the sign to start your Salontastic journey and be the action star in your own movie!”

“Never underestimate the power of great hair and strong and confident women!” Nostalgic about her bustling schedules of taping from one location to another, Sofia Andres looks back on her heartwarming and humbling memories as an actress. “Even though it was super hectic and exhausting, I did not give up and stayed extra confident in my scenes because I knew I would stay #Salontastic throughout the day! To all the girls dreaming of the same, may it be an being an actress, a mom, a content creator, businesswoman, be who you want to be! Let this be the sign to start your Salontastic journey!”

Anne Curtis asked her followers on Instagram, “What’s the favourite hairstyle you’ve had that made you feel strong and empowered?” She proudly tells, “Whether short, long, coloured, or untouched. You do you. Sometimes our hair can give us that extra touch of feeling empowered! No matter my hairstyle - even fresh out of the shower I feel that way with Pantene. No matter the variant it’s always helped me have Salontastic moments!” 

On days when you feel like crushing gender labels, the Pantene Collagen Miracle Intensive Serum Conditioner might just give you the confidence boost you need to power through. This conditioner is #Salontastic in a bottle. It’s formulated with a blend of Pro-Vitamin B5, miracle serum, and real collagen — sealing in nutrients and locking in moisture, turning dry, damaged, frizzy hair into shiny, smoother hair every day. 

Even the slightest ounce of confidence through smooth and #Salontastic hair can transform a woman’s outlook, freeing them from the boundaries of labels and other people’s opinions. Pantene gives you strong and Salontastic hair to redefine yourself, confidently, however you want to be. 

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