Surprise Mom with these perfect gifts that matter


With Mother’s Day just a few days away, you definitely should be on the lookout for a fun or creative gift that will make the occasion more memorable for Mom. Why not surprise her with meaningful gifts that reflect just how much she means for the whole family? Toshiba has got you covered with these gift ideas that will surely make Mom - or any superwoman in your life - feel all the more loved and cared for. 

The perfect companion for her everyday diet 

Health is a top priority for everyone these days, especially for elderly loved ones, so a gift to remind Mom to eat healthier will absolutely be appreciated. The Toshiba Low Sugar Multi-Cooker (P11,995) is an innovative kitchen assistant that will help keep her sugar intake in check. 

Mom can finally enjoy tasty, well-cooked rice sans the guilt, as the Toshiba Low Sugar Multi-Cooker is designed with Starch (Amylopectin) Removal Technology that not only reduces the sugar content of rice by 35% to 41% but also aids in increasing the body’s resistance to starch by up to 58%. It also features the Japanese Binchotan non-stick charcoal coating inner pot that makes it durable, while ensuring that food particles won’t stick while cooking. 

This multi-cooker also offers a 9-menu function for a variety of cooking options: healthy rice, quick cook, steam, congee, white rice, brown rice, gaba brown, soup, and mixed rice. With its 3D heating induction technology, she can make sure that all her dishes are cooked evenly and consistently to perfection. 

A smart solution to ease kitchen chores 

Mom deserves more “me” time, so gifting her with the Toshiba Mini Dishwasher (P19,995) so she can get all dishwashing chores done, and have more time for herself and for the whole family. Designed to be a smart kitchen solution, this dishwasher is just what she needs to quickly yet thoroughly wash dinnerware. 

The wide range of wash options - 360 Wash, Rapid Wash, and Fruit Wash - is a nifty feature that Mom will find particularly useful for when she needs to delicately wash her china and her favorite fruits, while ensuring that they are cleaned from the inside out. The 360° washing efficiency, in particular, will give her peace of mind knowing that every nook and cranny of the items being washed are thoroughly and expertly cleaned with the pressurized water it delivers. Meanwhile, its hot water wash function ensures well-sanitized dinnerware and produce, helping keep the family healthy and protected against germs. 

Doing dishes is not all the Toshiba Mini Dishwasher can do. Its Fruit and Vegetable Wash function gently cleans a variety of fresh produce, without damage. It comes with a portable design, too, which means Mom can save as much space as she wants to give room for more items in the kitchen. 

The gift of comfort 

With the many things she juggles every day, Mom definitely looks forward to her break periods when she can just relax, sit back, and reenergize herself. The Toshiba Remote-Controlled Digital Stand Fan (P3,495) allows her to do just that, thanks to its 4 wind mode options that allow her to customize the level of cool and comfort to suit her preference. Plus, she will be able to save on electricity as it comes with a 12-hour on and off timer that can be set according to her preferred schedule. 

With these thoughtful gift suggestions, you can let Mom know she is valued each and every day. To know more about these products or to browse and shop for more gifts that matter, visit