Cruelty-free and affordable makeup for Filipinas


Makeup is an important part of every girl’s daily life. But sometimes, we overlook the stories behind the manufacture of these makeup essentials. 

The past years saw a rise in awareness for cruelty-free makeup brands. Cruelty-free makeup means that the makeup was not tested on animals or does not include ingredients made or derived from animals. 

Animals that underwent makeup testing have suffered deformities in their bodies and experienced unnecessary pains, which horrified consumers when they discovered the results. Because of this, some cosmetics companies have started developing cruelty-free makeup lines to respond to the call of consumers against animal testing. Thus, the term “cruelty-free” has been coined by cosmetic companies that have stopped experimenting on animals. 

One of these companies is Ever Bilena, one of the country's leading cosmetic brands, which has announced that its makeup brands are cruelty-free. Ever Bilena makeup brands include Hello Glow, Ever Organics, Careline, Blackwater, and Spotlight. 

“For us at Ever Bilena, creating beauty should not be at the expense of hurting animals. Animal cruelty is something we do not believe in because it does not fit our mission in the company," says Denice Sy-Munez, Ever Bilena's chief sales and marketing officer. "Aside from providing them affordable makeup brands using quality ingredients, we also want Filipinas to enjoy beauty products that are not tainted with cruelty.” 

When buying cruelty-free makeup, consumers are not only expressing support for the brand but also educating themselves on choosing the right products, the importance of animal welfare, and knowing the stories that go behind in making the brand. 

So, if you’re thinking of investing in makeup, buy products that are not only affordable but put the concern of animals in its mission like Ever Bilena. 

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