4 tips to power up one's social media feed with Samsung Galaxy A-series

Smartphones allow people to express themselves and connect with the world. This has paved the way for the different content creators nowadays who use social media as an outlet for their creative ideas. 

For them to connect with the world, content creators need a companion that can make their feed appealing to their audience. In order to help creators power up their social media feed, Samsung introduced the Galaxy A22 and Galaxy A02 filled with innovative features perfect for their every need. 

Here are some tips on how creators can confidently show off their awesome using the Galaxy A-series:

1. Get to know the creative basics

Creators can never go wrong with the basics. One of the best practices to consider for up-and-coming creators is to have a clear subject. Next is to use natural light and ensure enough contrast. The Galaxy A22 captures clearer, brighter photos, day and night, with its 48MP Main lens with Optical Image Stabilization that makes images four times brighter even in low-light conditions. The Galaxy A02 is also perfect for creators looking for bright and more natural selfies using its 13MP main camera.

2. Make use of various filters

Creators have different preferences when it comes to content. Some prefer simple content while others find it fun adding different moods to their output to enhance its final look. To those people, the latest Galaxy A-series is the perfect device for them since it can create up to 99 customized filters through My Filters. This allows them to use colors and styles of their choice based on their personalities and preferences. Here, they can add an existing photo from their gallery and use it as their filter to their next content.

3. Play around with different angles 

Camera angles establish different relationships between the audience and the photo. The Galaxy A22 is equipped with a quad rear camera which includes a Depth shooter that adds an artistic blur on the surroundings giving focus on the subject. This is perfect for those who want an Instagram-ready portrait shot in one click. It also features an Ultra-wide lens that establishes the subject within its environment by providing a wider perspective using its 123° field of vision. The Galaxy A22 and Galaxy A02 both sport a macro lens that provides vivid photos at a closer range, so that users can see the details of an object that even the naked eye can’t see. Now, content creators do not have to worry about compromising the resolutions of their photos with their close-up shots.

4. Create a mood board 

A mood board helps creatives visualize the content, vibes, and color palettes. This allows them to imagine the kind of content they want to publish before posting it on social media. To find their peg, the Galaxy A02 has a Full HD+ display while the Galaxy A22 has a Super AMOLED screen that brings out the color of the images, helping creators easily identify what they need. They can even switch between photo-editing apps to search engines smoothly with the 90Hz refresh rate of the Galaxy A22. These creative explorers can also surf inspirations all day since the Galaxy A-series are equipped with a large 5000mAh battery life. When they run out of battery, they can quickly recharge their smartphones using the Galaxy A22’s 15W Fast Charging Technology and the 7.75W Fast Charging of the Galaxy A02 to continue the fun of envisioning their mood board. 

The innovative features of the Galaxy A-series allow creators to bring out their awesome and confidently share it with the world. Those who want to power up their content can get the Galaxy A02 for only PHP 4,990 SRP and the Galaxy A22 for PHP 11,990 SRP. The Galaxy A22 also comes with a 5G variant for faster connectivity priced at PHP 13,990 SRP.

For more information about the Galaxy A-series, visit samsung.com/ph/smartphones/galaxy-a-series/.