Experience the Japan's secret to beaming beauty with Hakubi White C


Hakubi White C

Ever wonder why Japanese skin is brilliant white? Filipinas can now experience the wonders of J-beauty because Hakubi White C is finally here!

Japanese health and beauty innovator SATO Pharmaceuticals collaborated with One Mega Group to unveil Hakubi White C in the Philippines through an intimate virtual event last October 08 participated in by beauty enthusiasts and members of the media.

Hakubi White C

The Hakubi White C line composed of Hakubi White C tablets, Hakubi Q10 Cream, Hakubi BB Cream, and Hakubi White C Gel, are formulated using Japanese skincare science that helps enhance Filipina skin by revealing beaming beauty from within. Instead of chemically brightening the skin, this formulation naturally boosts essential nutrients to promote luminosity. Powered by Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and L-Cysteine, the Hakubi White C range is a must-have for those who want to confidently show off their beautiful skin.

The Hakubi White C launch, hosted by Bianca Valerio, prompted a celebration of confidence, kicking off with an exciting icebreaker and a giveaway for the attendees. What followed were conversations to help Filipinas bring out their confidence. Beauty influencer Toni Sia took the stage to share her glow-up story, highlighting how she learned to love herself starting with her skin and her well-being. Host and blogger Janeena Chan also joined in to show how premium skincare products like Hakubi White C can help you achieve healthy skin. These discussions are all attuned to the Japanese approach to beauty — intentional and health-focused.

To introduce and welcome the Japanese way and approach, the event was graced by Yusuke Marutsuka – Director of Hakubi Singapore and Assistant General Manager of Asia Department- to give a few words of light and inspiration. “We are very happy to introduce HAKUBI to the Philippines with its goal of protecting, helping with skin problems and enhancing the skin in a natural way for beauty that beams,” Yusuke Marutsuka affirmed.

Ultimately, the event encouraged everyone to skip the gimmicky skincare trends and just nurture their skin holistically. Now that Hakubi White C is here, Filipinas can reveal their beaming beauty.

Hakubi White C will be marketed and distributed by ZP Therapeutics in the Philippines.

All Hakubi White C products are now available in Watsons and Hakubi Official Store in Shopee.