What makes Filipino food unique?

Aside from hospitality, the Philippines is known for its sumptuous dishes. Filipino food has gained much fanfare all over the world through time as it offers a little something for everyone. In fact, it’s been tagged as the ‘next big thing’ to look out for in the culinary world.

But what makes Filipino food unique? There are various reasons. One reason that sets Filipino food apart is that it has complex and distinct flavors.

There’s no shortage of flavor in Filipino food. With regions having distinct flavors, the Philippines offers a wide array of flavors that is inherently our own.

The range of diversity in flavor is broad and tends to form a unique profile as bold flavors layer with the ingredients. Pinoy dishes are definitely locally-flavored—thoroughly infused with our very own flavors, they leave your taste buds tingling.

For this reason, Mekeni Food Corporation, hailing from the culinary capital of the country, Pampanga, has made it their commitment to deliver flavors that truly represent what Filipino dishes are made of and what we can call our #TimplangAtin—one that captures hearts and palates, satisfying the different taste preferences of Pinoys here and abroad.

“As a company that started as a regional brand and now recognized as a world-class company, we have always been proud of our heritage. Our unique taste preferences inspire us to develop and produce products that are truly ours and we can all be proud of,” said Marketing Group Manager Kat Gomez Schultz. 

Even though Pinoy dishes have influences from the Spanish, American, and Chinese culinary landscapes, we have made it ours by adding our own twist to it that represents our region or culture. A famous example of this is longanisa, which has at least 10 different kinds—from garlicky to salty and sour to peppery to gluten-free.

Another example is the favorite silog combo, tocino. Despite it being originally a Spanish staple, Mekeni for instance has made two variants of it—Classic Sweet and Tamis-Alat blend—to suit the discerning palates of Pinoys.

Apart from having distinct flavors, it is also no surprise that certain Pinoy foods can be served and eaten at any time of the day, like the breakfast staples tapa and hotdog. These delicious and mouth-watering dishes are not just served at daytime; they are always welcome at the dining table at whatever time of the day.

Our differing taste preferences do not only reflect our love for food. It is also a reflection of our rich culture. You must always remember that regardless of the season and your location, there is a #TimplangAtin flavor that is for you. 

To know more about Mekeni’s various #TimplangAtin favorites, visit its official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/mekeniph.