5 easy steps to spot a Malag-KATE

The name “Kate” has been making rounds online with celebrities even revealing that they’ve been called this name before. If you have missed out on who Kate is, she’s the type of girl you have probably encountered before. You’ve encountered her online, at social events, and you might be a Kate too!

Kate is like any other girl who’s on the lookout for products that can keep their hair well-maintained. As she settles with shampoos and conditioners that she thinks are best for her, it transforms her into malag-KATE. Her once smooth and straight hair has now turned oily and greasy. Does this sound familiar? Are you a malag-KATE as well? Here are the 5 signs to look out for a malag-KATE.

1. Is your hair oily?

Having oily hair can happen to anyone but it’s different when it is caused by the hair products you use. When you use the right hair care products, your scalp should normally produce natural oils. It’s when your shampoo isn’t effective in removing excess oil and built-up debris, or when your conditioner clogs up your strands. This is when your hair and scalp get oilier than usual.

2. Does it feel sticky?

Feel each strand of your hair. Is it sticky? Hair that’s clean and smooth should not feel like they’re clinging to each other. Sticky strands could be a result of too much product or residue from your hair conditioner. Some conditioners can feel heavy on the hair even when washed thoroughly making you feel like a malag-KATE.

3. Wet look or is it greasy?

The ongoing trend of wet look can be quite confusing especially if your hair looks greasy. Rocking a greasy look may look cool in photos but it can also turn some heads when it happens even after you wash your hair. Over-conditioning or built-up products can cause your hair looking greasy over time.

4. Frizzy when it’s not supposed to be

Choosing hair products can lead you to incredible looking hair or being a malag-KATE. Sometimes, the weather and humid conditions can be blamed for frizz but if your hair sticks out all the time it may be because of the products you use. 

If you’ve experienced all these signs, you or someone you might know may be a malag-KATE. Fear not, because it’s just a phase! Anyone can experience being a malag-KATE, but you can look forward to always being Salontastic with Pantene.

5. Do you feel Salontastic?

Your hair speaks volumes about the products that you choose to provide it the TLC it needs. When you don’t feel confident and Salontastic, it’s time to make the switch to haircare products that can give your hair the salon-like results that it deserves.

Don’t Be malag-KATE, Be Salontastic

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