Simple Mekeni Christmas Ham recipes to make holiday feast exciting


Serving ham during the holiday season is a much-loved Yuletide tradition of Filipinos. Holidays are made more delicious with classic, comforting, and gorgeously glazed Christmas hams; and every Filipino household’s holiday feast will not be complete without Mekeni Christmas Ham at the table.

Aside from their delicious taste, Mekeni Christmas Hams are also a holiday favorite because of their versatility. You can cook up a dozen delicious dishes using any of Mekeni’s Christmas Hams!

You might think that elevating Christmas hams will require time and effort in the kitchen, but there are delicious recipes that are easy to make. Try these recipes made with Mekeni Christmas Hams!

Mekeni Shredded Christmas Ham with Honey Glaze Pineapple

Honey pineapple glaze basically complements any type of meat, and it is typically used to level up any Christmas ham. Adding pineapple’s tanginess and honey’s subtle sweetness to your smoky and tasty Christmas ham will surely hit the spot! Check this shredded ham recipe with honey pineapple glaze recipe by Mekeni and excite your taste buds!

  • 500g Mekeni Deli Premium Ham, cooked and shredded
  • ¾ cup of honey
  • 1 cup pineapple juice (fresh or canned)
  • 2 tbsp cornstarch
  • ¼ cup of water
  • 6-8 flour tortillas
  • shredded lettuce
  • pineapple chunks
  • salsa
  1. In a saucepan, bring honey and pineapple juice to a boil.
  2. While waiting for the pineapple and honey mixture to boil, mix cornstarch and water in a separate bowl. Whisk until smooth.
  3. Add the cornstarch mixture to the honey and pineapple mixture. Stir constantly until it thickens. Set aside.
  4. Shred the cooked 500g Mekeni Deli Premium Ham and toss with the honey pineapple glaze. Then, set aside.
  5. Heat a pan, then warm the flour tortilla pieces according to the package instructions.
  6. Assemble the wrap by putting the shredded Mekeni Deli Premium Ham with honey pineapple glaze at the center of the tortilla.
  7. Add shredded lettuce, pineapple chunks, and salsa as desired, then wrap it up. 
  8. Serve it on a plate.

Mekeni Holiday Bell Pepper Cups

Stuffed bell peppers are not just enticing to eat as these are also healthy and easy to assemble. With only just a few ingredients you can find in your pantry, you can make this healthy rainbow of sweet red, yellow, green, and orange bell peppers. To level up this bright and colorful dish, use Mekeni Piña Ham for that subtle sweet and tangy kick!

  • 250g Mekeni Piña Ham, shredded
  • 4 bell peppers, any color
  • ¼ cup yellow onion, finely chopped
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 4 medium-sized eggs
  • ¼ cup cheddar cheese
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • cilantro for garnish (optional)
  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C. Coat a baking pan with cooking spray. You can use a muffin tray to ensure that the bell peppers will stand.
  2. In a saucepan, add water enough to cover the peppers. Bring to a boil.
  3. While waiting for the water to boil, cut the top part of the bell pepper. Remove the seeds and membranes then, rinse. 
  4. Put the bell peppers in the boiling water for about 2 minutes, then drain.
  5. In a pan, sauté onion, garlic, and the shredded Mekeni Piña Ham. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  6. Put the bell peppers in the tray or baking pan then stuff it with the ham mixture, at least half filled. Add cheese if you want a gooey texture.
  7. Crack the egg in each pepper cup and season with salt and pepper. You may add more cheese if you prefer. 
  8. Bake until egg whites are set and cheese is melted and lightly browned.
  9. Garnish it with cilantro.
  10. Serve while the bell pepper cups are still hot. 

Mekeni Christmas Ham Fried Rice

Hams and fried rice are a perfect combination. Tired of having Christmas ham leftovers? Try this Mekeni Christmas Ham Fried Rice recipe. It is so easy to make plus, it will surely be a hit among the family members.

  • 250g Mekeni Pear-Shaped Ham, sliced into pieces
  • 3 medium eggs, beaten
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 6 cloves garlic, minced
  • 8 pcs medium shrimps, peeled and deveined
  • ½ cup frozen peas
  • ½ cup frozen carrots
  • ½ cup frozen corn
  • 200g pineapple chunks
  • 2 tbsp turmeric powder
  • 6 cups cooked rice
  1. Beat eggs in a bowl until smooth. Then, fry it in a hot pan. Set aside. 
  2. In the same pan, sauté the Mekeni Pear-Shaped Ham for 2-3 minutes. Set aside.
  3. Heat a large-sized wok and add the remaining oil and butter. Sauté the garlic then add the shrimps, peas, carrots, corn, pineapple chunks, and turmeric powder. 
  4. Once the shrimps are cooked, add the cold rice to the wok. Continue sauteing until rice is warmed through. Add salt to taste.
  5. While the rice is being warmed through, slice the fried eggs, and mix them with the fried rice.
  6. Add the Mekeni Pear-Shaped Ham pieces to the rice. 
  7. Serve while hot.
When it comes to making the holiday season grander and even more special, Mekeni is your ally. Indulge your loved ones with a taste of Mekeni’s family-favorite Christmas Hams—Mekeni Gold Premium Ham, Mekeni Deli Premium Ham, Mekeni Piña Ham, Mekeni Pear-Shaped Ham, and Mekeni Brick Ham— that can make your holiday feasts truly #TimplangAtin.

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