Allianz PNB Life brings you the Global Real Assets Dividend Paying Fund

Allianz PNB Life

Allianz PNB Life Insurance, Inc., one of the country’s top insurers and affiliate of the #1 insurance brand in the world, has partnered with BlackRock, Inc., the world’s leading asset manager, to provide a unique investment solution in the Philippines with a compelling outlook for 2022.

Leveraging BlackRock's investment expertise, Allianz PNB Life brings you the Global Real Assets Dividend Paying Fund which is available in both Peso-hedged and US Dollar versions. The fund invests in companies that own and operate real estate and infrastructure such as residential apartments, data centers, and renewable energy generation. It aims to give you long-term and stable cash flows and enhanced returns, alongside diversified investments, so that you may sustain your capability for profit.

The Dollar Global Real Assets Dividend Paying Fund seeks to achieve these goals through investing in BlackRock's BSF Global Real Asset Securities Fund, which invests in equity and equity-related securities of real asset companies globally. 

The Peso-hedged Global Real Asset Dividend Paying Fund has the same objectives, with the addition of a hedging mechanism using forwards to minimize the currency impact of the PHP-USD exchange rate fluctuations on the underlying Dollar denominated fund.

These funds’ potential annualized dividend yield is approximately 6%, which can help you earn part of your outlay back.

“We at Allianz PNB Life aim to continuously provide new attractive propositions to address investors' needs and to help our existing clients further diversify their portfolios. This new fund lets investors capitalize on the mega trends driving the real asset space to gain more opportunities. Our partnership with BlackRock is a worthy addition to our stable of savings and investment options,” said President and CEO of Allianz PNB Life, Alexander Grenz.

Talk to an Allianz Life Changer today to invest in the Global Real Assets Dividend Paying Fund and know which unit-linked plan will best suit your financial goals!