Mekeni makes 2022 more delightful by bringing Timplang Atin experience to a new level

Mekeni Marketplace

Mekeni Food Corporation will be launching new things this year, signaling a new chapter in the food manufacturing giant’s history.

“Something big is coming your way this year and we could not be more excited for what is to come. We are bringing the Timplang Atin experience to a whole new level in the coming months,” said Mekeni President Prudencio S. Garcia.

Mekeni started its #TimplangAtin campaign to convey what the brand has to offer to Filipino families here and abroad—quality and taste that can capture hearts and palates, satisfying the different taste preferences of Filipinos. Through this campaign, Mekeni highlights its long-time commitment of delivering flavors that truly represent the Filipino palate.

The Pampanga-based food manufacturing company has already started teasing its customers about what they will be launching this 2022. On its Facebook page, the brand posted an 18-second teaser of a song, suggesting an imminent launch of a campaign jingle. Prior to that, Mekeni also shared that something is coming to get the whole family moving and grooving. 

Last month, Mekeni unveiled its flagship store called Mekeni Marketplace in Porac, Pampanga—the place where founders Felix and Meding Garcia first envisioned the family business. The store offers family favorites such as Mekeni Picnic Hotdog, Mekeni GoLite Gluten-free Chicken Longanisa; and Mekeni Classic Sweet and Tamis-Alat Tocino. It also has sections for ready-to-cook and fresh meat products that are perfect for every Filipino family meal.

From being a backyard enterprise in 1986, Mekeni has become a world-class meat processing company and a homegrown brand loved by Filipino families here and abroad. Mekeni has continued to delight its customers with #TimplangAtin specialties that make every mealtime special and even more memorable. Even if Filipinos have a variety of tastes, Mekeni can cater to their preferences by creating food products that are nothing but the gold standard in taste and quality. 

“We’ve been in the food business for over 35 years that is why we think it is high time for us to show that we are continuously innovating and making improvements to the brand. We are making significant changes in the next months, and we encourage our customers to stay tuned for what is in store for them,” said Garcia.