Living from within: Simple ways to nurture your inner peace at home

In an increasingly fast-paced world, nurturing one’s inner peace has become an afterthought. Responsibilities and commitments pile up so quickly that taking care of the mind and the soul has become the least of priorities. However, losing oneself for the sake of hustle and grit is no way to live, especially if sometimes all it takes is a moment at home to reconnect and recharge. 

“We, at RLC Residences, believe that inner peace should start at home. This is why we commit to developing residential spaces that foster recovery and relaxation,” said RLC Residences Marketing Head Karen Cesario. “A testament to that commitment is our nature-inspired development called Woodsville Crest.”

RLC Residences’ Woodsville Crest in Paranaque incorporates nature-inspired amenities, open spaces, and landscaped areas. It is perfect for individuals who want to start nurturing their inner peace with some simple reflecting activities. 

1. Writing in a journal. 

Journaling is like talking to a friend. It’s an outlet that allows people to write down their thoughts and feelings without the fear of any kind of judgment. It’s a way to unload any negative emotions, as well as share the most exciting things that may have happened during the day. It can be done practically anywhere, but best if it’s from a space of privacy like one’s bedroom, or from a space of relaxation like outdoors under the shade of a tree. If you’re a Woodsville Crest unit owner, you can conveniently do this at your work-from-home nook – a space perfect for every passion, including journal writing.

2. Meditate and reflect. 

Much like journaling, meditation and reflection can give a sense of calm, peace, and balance that can benefit one’s well-being and health. It allows people to push out negative thoughts and focus only on the now. Trying some breathing exercises and even better, doing yoga can be refreshing for both the mind and body. You can do this also at the open areas at Woodsville Crest, such as the amenity deck that is surrounded by nature.

You can also do light runs to help clear your mind. At Woodsville Crest, this type of activity can be done with its jog trail surrounded by landscaped areas – perfect to energize your spirits so you can move forward and do things you need to accomplish.

3. Connect with nature.

Spending time in nature through a walk in a park or garden brings a host of benefits to physical and mental health, including reducing or eliminating anxiety and depression. Being mindful of one’s feelings allows for refocusing, recharging, and finding equilibrium in life. 

These simple activities can allow one to take a step back, look within, and come back with a renewed spirit. Recognizing the importance of nurturing inner peace especially in the busy streets of urban areas, RLC Residences’ Woodsville Crest features amenities that are in harmony with nature. This includes the property’s jog trail, landscape areas, clubhouse lobby, and pool deck where residents can conveniently unwind. 

“We at RLC Residences know the role that a peaceful environment plays in ensuring homeowners get the time to rest and recharge—essential elements in achieving their much deserved inner peace,” said Cesario. 

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